It’s time to become yourself again, ditch mom guilt, overcome
postpartum depression/anxiety, & embrace self-love. Because you are worth it.

Have you been wondering if it will ever get better?

Is it actually possible to have it all? The unconditional love for yourself, to get to a point where you genuinely enjoy your motherhood journey, to experience an abundance of love & harmony in your romantic relationship where it keeps getting better and better? 

You know you want all of that, but you just don’t know how or where to start?

You are not the only one who has felt this way. 


As moms, we all have this desire to have it all while being present for our loved ones.

Moms often find themselves doing everything for everyone, making sure everyone is okay, that the house is clean, but forget to give themselves love & attention too. It’s frustrating when you finally explode because you are burnt-out & you feel like no-one hears or sees you.

You follow the support groups, you try to distract yourself with things that you think will make you happy, but only give you that instant relief and then when it’s over, you are back at square one. Maybe you push back all the uncomfortable emotions/feelings & pretend to be okay because you don’t have time to be in your feelings.

United is a 2 month program designed to guide you to a more meaningful & deeper understanding of yourself so that you can leave the mom guilt behind, overcome the postpartum depression/anxiety, & give you the necessary tools to love yourself unconditionally and truly become the best of yourself. For you and for your family.

If you’re feeling lost in your motherhood journey, want to feel like yourself again, & rekindle your romantic relationship, it’s time to take control, choose you, and take that leap of faith. Because you are worth it and you are meant for so much more.

If you’re ready to dig deep into the root of your anxiety/depression, learn to love your new body, embrace the changes that are rapidly happening in your motherhood journey, and become the best of yourself, then this program is for YOU.

UNITED program was designed with the intent of helping moms to not only rediscover themselves after having a baby, but to truly embrace self-love, and become the best version of herself. 

Because motherhood is the perfect reason to take care of you and be the best of yourself in every aspect. 

Introducing a program for moms that teaches how to embrace motherhood, experience unconditional self-love, and leave behind postpartum depression/anxiety naturally. 

1:1 private coaching that includes 6 lessons on reuniting with your most authentic self. 2 months of live teachings once weekly to ensure you, not only learn the lessons, but also learn how to embody the teachings into your own personal life & assure your success.

You are about to embark on a journey where motherhood and self-love unite. A transformative journey where you ditch mom guilt, embrace self-love, and motherhood becomes what you always desired and more. 

When you join UNITED, you will become empowered, experience self-love, embrace motherhood, and operate from a place of love because you are love. 

Payment Options: 

One time payment of $1,111 (1st 3 clients and then there will be a price increase – $2,222)

Flexible payment options upon inquiry 

Your best life awaits!


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