Reclaim You, Erase Mom Guilt, Embrace Self-Love.

Because motherhood is the perfect reason to take care of you & be the best of yourself.

Feels familiar to you?

  • You are tired of not feeling happy and waking up with anxiety.
  • You are so done with the mom guilt. You love your baby, but just want things to be like before.
  • You want your partner back & you’re tired of feeling like roommates.
  • You want to feel worthy and feel like yourself again.
  • You just want to love your new body and stop feeling ashamed of it.
  • You want to have FUN and feel at peace within yourself.
  • You visualized being a mom for so long and things are just not the way you thought they would be.

Now you feel like everything is a mess and you just want to feel okay again.

I Hear You & I See You

I was there too; I struggled in silence, I cried, I almost lost my marriage, I lost myself for a while there.

I not only overcame it, but I also learned to embrace every part of myself (the beautiful and the not so beautiful).

This is what led me to build UNITED program for you.

To guide and support you the whole way so you don’t have to struggle in silence.

So you can finally embrace your motherhood journey, but most importantly, so you can love yourself in every aspect, enjoy life the way you want, & let go of the self-sabotage behaviors.

My 2 month program can help you with this and so much more.

I know it can feel like there is no way this can help you because you have already tried so many outlets.

The truth is that this program is not just an easy fix. It’s not slapping a band aid over a deep wound.

This program is designed to peel the layers, and get to the root of the problem so that you no longer need anything outside of you to feel okay inside.

Being as present as you’d like for your kids, understanding how to regulate your emotions without self-sabotage, & embracing who you are is just a glimpse of what life looks like for you when you are able to enjoy your motherhood journey.

It’s not just learning to love being a mom, but rather it’s a moment of rebirth for you. A moment to allow your truest and most authentic self to flourish how you have always been meant to. 

Take that leap of faith. You are worth it & you know it.

This 2 month program is designed to guide you to a more meaningful & deeper understanding of yourself so you can leave behind the mom guilt, debilitating depression/anxiety, & give you the necessary tools to love yourself unconditionally and become the best of yourself. For you and for your family.


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I'm Estefania Tijerina

My marriage & my little family are two of the things I am most proud of in my life. I am family oriented, a child at heart, and a Disney fanatic….